The Aviation Nutritionist offers advice to help combat the negative effects on the body of flying at altitude. It is widely acknowledge that flying, particularly for extended periods, can lead to fatigue, impaired ability to digest and detoxify, dehydration, reduced mental acuity, impaired immunity and fatigue. However, appropriate and balanced nutrition can aid significantly in combatting these stress factors.


We know that both environment and nutrition play a huge part in our long-term health and wellbeing, and due to the negative environmental factors at play at altitude we are dedicated to providing a range of innovative products and service that can help you to travel well – now, and in the future.


The Aviation Nutritionist is intended to be a source of advice and relevant nutritional and lifestyle products to guide consumers in taking control of their travel experience, and in making the best nutritional choices for their bodies when flying.

The brand undertakes the development of products that will directly promote the health and wellbeing of the consumer at altitude, and works in partnership with brands and product manufacturers who are able to deliver products which will be enjoyable to the consumer as well as nutritionally beneficial.


We understand the challenging environments associated with travel at altitude in particular, and work to develop solutions to help consumers maintain peak performance.

We communicate this knowledge through our clinic, website, blog and partnerships, aiming to help enrich the entire travel experience through suggested nutritional choices and products that can help combat stresses on the body.

We innovate, working with product parters and brands to deliver quality products to be utilised before, during and after your journey to deliver you to your destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy.

We appreciate the dining experience – we love food and the amazing ingredients available from around the globe, so the flavours, textures and delivery of great nutrition, when your taste functions are impaired at altitude, are as much a focus to us as the health benefits they are designed to deliver.