Your body is under stress when you travel at altitude, causing dehydration, difficulty in digesting food, fatigue, loss of mental acuity and fluctuations in mood. A deep understanding of nutrition that combats these negative effects means we can advise you on how to maintain peak performance when you fly.



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The Aviation Nutritionist specialises in nutrition associated with travel, in particular flying and the effect of altitude on your health and wellbeing. With an expert knowledge of nutrition which can help combat this negative effect, The Aviation Nutritionist can advise you on how to rehydrate, increase energy, promote proper rest and aid digestion.


Look for our crest on The Aviation Nutritionist approved menus and brands we are proud to recommend. Plus discover our advice and tips online to help set you on a journey to better health. 


β€œServing a nutritionally appropriate and delicious meal is one of the best ways to create a positive impact on someone’s travel experience, and their onward impact on others”

Sarah Anderson
The Aviation Nutritionist