Sarah Anderson

The Aviation Nutritionist was founded by Sarah Anderson (Née Wilson) in 2015, fully qualified registered nutritional therapist. As an air stewardess flying Premium & First Class for over a decade and continuing to travel often, Sarah has come to understand first hand the issues associated with frequent flying. Dealing with jet lag, an inability to rest properly, and problems with digestion, Sarah developed an interest in nutrition which lead her to study to become a fully qualified registered nutritional therapist with mBANT CNHC DipION and FDSC accreditations.

A deep understanding of the side effects associated with travel, alongside the nutrition that can help travellers to rehydrate, detoxify promote proper rest, aid digestion and prevent discomfort in prolonged periods at high altitude now informs the development of The Aviation Nutritionist content and products.


The Aviation Nutritionist specializes in nutrition at altitude. When you fly, your body suffers from:




Impaired ability to detoxify


Impaired ability to digest


Impaired taste sensation


Lessened mental acuity
& fluctations in mood




Impaired immunity


Difficulty in
resting properly


The Aviation Nutritionist advice and products focus on helping consumers take control of the effects of a challenging environment on their body, reducing these factors through:


Avoiding fatigue & blood sugar dips through nutritionally balanced nutrition, increasing sustainable energy & performance.

Reduction in nutritional sources which are more difficult to digest,reducing bloating and discomfort.

Designing nutritious meals with consideration to strong tastes and interesting textures, which will take into account the differences on the consumer’s senses when travelling.

Increasing liquid intake and reducing products that act as diuretics.

Improving mood & mental clarity through avoiding blood sugar dips and promoting stable blood sugar levels.

Boosting the immune system through nutrition proven to combat bacteria that can lead to illness.

Focusing on nutrition that does not lead to inflated blood sugar, an inability to digest or detoxify or lead to the body being in a state of distress to allow proper rest and recuperation.


The principles of Functional Medicine are anchored by an unraveling of the core imbalances that underlie, or cause ill health. Rather than simply offering a treatment for the symptoms of a problem, it looks at the root causes that might come from the client’s environment, nutrition, genetic attributes, and even psychological state.

The environmental factors are particularly key when addressing the frequent flyers' needs. As Epigenetics (how our environment affects our genes) plays such a huge part in our health status, The Aviation Nutritionist take on how to improve performance of those flying at altitude on a regular basis is ever more relevant in a world where the general population is travelling more and more frequently, and over greater distances – and suffering the subsequent health effects.